‘Sunanda Sharma’ who is a female sensational singer of Pollywood, whenever she brings out something that just bought a new trend and style among the youth. Her fans are waiting for her new song ‘Ban’ as by its poster only they all got very excited because the appearance which was seen in that is very unique. The song is out now and her uniqueness is just way beyond anything.

Wait! Wait! If you all are also getting excited after reading this then just let us explain. Have you watched the song yet?? If No then we will give you a glimpse of it, in the very beginning of video they have qouted ‘YEAR 2030‘ and then in next scene ‘All The Countries around the world decided to give up all the weapons‘ these lines are written. This created a curiosity that is this song is going to talk about something serious which will deliver a meaningful message. But as you move further you got to know that Sunanda is gabbing about her eyes which she took as weapon which kills the heart of people. End of the suspense and start of the disappointment as if you are making the subject of the song very dark and taken weapons in it then why you have to showcase the beauty of a girl.

In the whole video Sunanda Sharma is seen differently dressed in weird attires with a lot of make up. It suits her personality and she is looking nice but it not suitable to this kind of subjects which are shown in the ‘Ban’ song. Singer of the song is Sunanda Sharma, Music is by Archie, Lyrics are written by Sultan, RAP is done by Kaater and Video Director is Robby Singh. We hope they all will make their projects more like that which are relatable with each other.