Women and girls together carry two-thirds of the burden of the work, yet receive only a tenth of income. The condition of women in India is also miserable in every field of social life. They are paid half of the money their male counterparts earn for the same job. Is this same for the punjabi industry too and is there working conditions are not appropriate ?

Recently a post shared by Kavita Kaushik explains that her experience in punjabi industry is boring and she said that the punjabi industry is different from the others because it is male oriented. This statement of her doesn’t seems like something different is thrown on the floor but still a query that strikes the mind is 2019 hasn’t seen any changes in this matter because the journey of the women of punjabi industry like Sonam and Sargun shows some different scenario. The Year of Sonam has given movie Ardab Mutiyaraan and Gudiyaan Patole i.e. all about her. Then Sargun has given three such movies where she stood different and on top from any of her male co- star either it’s her Surkhi Bindi and Jhalle.

This defines somewhere that to overcome a change we need to work on it rather then escaping and complaining about it then slowly and steadily things will be changed with time. Now what exactly happened with Kavita Kaushik it’s with her but her last punjabi movie Mindo Taseeldarni says something different because it’s a movie about a woman and that was she only. Also, once in an interview she said that she rejected a movie with Binnu Dhillon because of same reason. Now thought to wonder is that the approach to select a script is only Sargun and Sonam have or good scripts doesn’t reach other’s house.