Ikko Mikke New Look

Some singers always bring soothing and meaningful songs for us and there is one more singer ‘Satinder Sartaaj’ who always tries to touch our hearts through his songs and content but today’s topic of discussion is not his songs but his movie ‘Ikko-Mikke’. Like his songs it is expected that his movie has a rich quality of content.

Further talking about the film, it has a very unique title ‘Ikko-Mikke’ which means same or similar to one another. It will be a romantic story of soulmates as the title explains it in their subtitle. Recently, makers had shared the second poster of the movie.

In the poster they both Satinder and Aditi are looking cute and somehow connected in the expressions like they are connecting to each other deep down in their souls. Talking about the looks, both are in western look and looks like some college students. Thus may be we can say that it will be a story of college students. 

Furthermore, this movie is getting directed by Pankaj Verma who has directed various punjabi song videos like ‘masoomiyat sung by Sartaaj’, ‘Carrom Board & Saade Aala by Sharry Maan’ and many more. This movie will be a debut movie for him as well. Furthermore, it will hit the theaters on 13th March 2020.