In his last outcome Ikka aka Ankit Singh Patyal portrayed his life through his song using power of his lyrics in his own style. This time he gave ‘Parichay’ to Amit Bhadana.

Amit actually is one of the big names on social platform. He pursued law but didn’t opted job rather he chose different path, which gave him happiness. He made others giggle as a family entertainer and avoids absurd language. He is famous youtube face and even won Gold and Silver butten from youtube. In the bio of his instagram he has written “I will find you and make you laugh” A strong believer of different and new doing this time Amit Bhadana chose to do something unique he portrayed his entire life through song with his fans to which, Ikka has done full justice. Within few hours after release the song already crossed 2.5 million views, which is not less than any celebration. Fans of Ikka and Amit are going crazy for their heros.

Amit Bhadana performed in this video and ikka gave his voice. Amit shared telling that why he remains away from parties and don’t meet much industry people he said, because he gave his entire time to his work whether at one point of time it was bad or is good today. He also don’t missed the chance to thank his fans. Video is well showcasing the entire scenario of his life.