Punjab and Brotherhood are two different words but it seems like that they are synonyms because whenever it comes to unity they don’t give a second thought and stand by for others. Similarly with this concept the title track of ‘Ik Sandhu Hunda Si’ is out. This track add more to the data of the movie and explains clearly that the story is about a college boy Sandhu which is kept to close to reality as the story is about real college days.

The title track is penned by Akashdeep Sandhu and the voice to his lyrics is given by Angej Ali . Further, music to them is given by Jay K. The lyrics are doing complete justice to the basic storyline of the movie where friendship and brotherhood is depicted clearly. Also, the days of college elections are visible in the video that clarifies the fact more that story is kept more real then reel.

This is how punjabi’s set an example of brotherhood by doing anything for each other at various places and their these little-little efforts further adds to the fact that punjabi’s has big heart and they can do anything for their people.