Punjabi Guy’s have this attitude to showcase themselves whenever there is need to influence and convince a girl and this nature of them is much acknowledged, with this concept new song of ‘Ik Sandhu Hunda Si’ named ‘Sone Di Wang’ is released under the label of Humble music which is written by Happy Raikoti and voice is given by Gippy Grewal and Inder Kaur.

Talking about the song it adds more to the story of the movie  because the light on the love angle is more given which clearly explains that love with thrill and action will be accompanied equally. In the song Neha is complaining about Sandu that he is not fulfilling any of her demand. We get to see Roshan Prince also there that explains the depth of there bond in the movie with every releasing content.

Further talking about the video, it is the plot of marriage where everyone is enjoying dancing. Moreover, Gippy was trying to convince Neha Sharma with his words only. Now what we have to see how love story will be pursued with action and thrill as a basic storyline is of college boy.