Few pictures always leave imprints on our hearts and minds because of their content. Similarly there is one movie which literally touched the soul of audience named ‘Qismat’  because of their content and performance. Before we jump onto the facts, let us just congratulate the team of Qismat for making such a beautiful movie and for giving us the love story of Bani and Shive. While penning this article, we are somehow again transported to that love story which did not need a destination for its fulfillment. Likewise again the team is back with ‘Sufna’.

Sufna, a new punjabi movie is in talks these days because of so many reasons namely StarCast, Direction, Concept , Songs and many more. In an interview with the Star Cast when we asked is Sufna will be bigger then Qismat then at first place Ammy said yes it is 10 minutes bigger than Qismat (laughing) then coming on serious note from sarcasm he said yes.. we made it while thinking this in our minds that it will be bigger than Qismat.

Here is the full interview video of Sufna Team:

This Valentine Day must witness the love in theaters and will give each heart another reason to do love and live it thoroughly. In addition to this they all are the team of Qismat movie as Jagdeep, Jaani, B Praak, Ammy and Tania all worked together in that movie and it is counted as one of the best movies of Indian Cinema. Now they all again collaborated, what we have to witness is that how their Sufna will make in their Qismat by touching the hearts of people on this Valentine Day.