Bigg Boss house, most controversial house in India where the most patient person even loose their temperament then what will happen when two rivals are supposed to live in the same house under the supervision of hundred of cameras where they can’t even escape for a moment. Especially those rivals who whenever come across hit the other either directly or indirectly.

Similarly in Punjabi industry the fight of Himashi Khurana and Shehnaaz Gill is much acknowledged and discussed one as their personal grudge hadn’t stopped personally instead they took it professionally as it was seen that their songs where personified to other. Even when Shehnaaz was asked by Paras Chabbra in Bigg Boss house that “Teri Jiske Saath bahar controversy hui hai agar vo Bigg Boss mein aa jaaye toh tu kya karegi. then she replied “Muh todd dungi uska”. This clearly explains the rage that they have in between, now what will happen when Himanshi will enter the house.

Yes! Himashi Khurana will enter the Bigg Boss house is confirmed as she was seen outside the Viacom 18 office. Also, it is confirmed from the sources that she will enter the house after Diwali as she has some prior engagement in Dubai. Further, Shehnaaz has already there in the house where she has ruling the hearts as Shehnaaz is entitled that she is playing smartly as wherever required she is playing cute and dumb both altogether. Even in Yesterday’s episode Paras Chabbra told Shehnaaz that “I had heard about you that you will create mess in the house because of your nature and behaviour but it hasn’t seems like it as you are good here.” Now what to see that will she be able to carry the same aura after Himanshi’s entry as they both know alot about each other and have personal grudges which somewhere come across between them.

Moreover, Pratik SehajPal, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Kesarilal Yadav will enter the house in wild card entry with Himanshi Khurana where Kesarilal will be the first wild Card entry.

Now What will happen when she will enter the Bigg Boss House because it is expected that their fight will automatically triggered as they can’t even stand by together because of their past controversies. To know about the controvery between Shehnaaz and Himanshi watch DAAH Films video: