Himanshi Khurana’s latest song ‘I Like It’ after its release only invited many unwanted issues. Long list of abusive comments were already hurting Himanshi. That here comes the big one the controversy between two Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaaz Kaur Gill.

This controversy fired up to that big extent that now the duo is dragging Industry in this. Actually, all this started when Shehnaz Kaur Gill posted video on her social account saying Himanshi flop. After that, these videos are coming in which duo is counter attacking each other. People are keeping themselves update with duo’s current status. Sad but true that this catfight involving many names day by day.  This sensational issue may split many. Well people, their pictures, videos and much much more things are involving in this each day.

Does this really indicate people that something unexpected may happens in Punjabi Industry? This burning issue is covering both Punjabi Music Industry and film industry. We all heard of MeeToo movement last year, does now is it time for Punjabi industry. This fight and controversies are still going on what’s next? Will it really ruin everything because this personal fight turned big and now this one has become public. Yeah, one more thing we say that celebrities are our role models, people follow their footprints but if they will go below the belt it will be something not acceptable.