Himanshi and Shehnaaz the two famed artist of punjabi industry are there in Bigg Boss and are fighting as contestants to each other to win the trophy of Bigg Boss. It is said that this trophy is the key to career as it is supposed to be the best platform. Also, this platform of reality show also acts as mirror to show world who you are, about your morals and norms.

May be the girls of punjabi industry has forgot all this and displaying them as most violent in the show as they are fighting with each other and also with other contestants crossing all boundaries. They are abusing to each other and also getting into physical fights. Yes! in the last episode Himanshi had pushed the Shehnaaz twice and throw her away. This provoked Shehnaaz and she they got abusive to her where she also crossed boundaries and dragged caste in the fight because she said ‘Saa**** Jatta naal panga na lae’. From here they fight get more worse and start abusing to each other which is not audible as Bigg Boss beep the content. This is what these girls are doing when the punjabi entertainment industry is expecting alot from them.

Now it is said that it all happened because of the 11 months old fight between these two artists which you can see in the cited video shared.

Few Days back they are also seen together doing punjabi gidha while a task which generates a hope that may be they will pacify their fight. Also, Shehnaaz had apologized from Himanshi’s parents on national television while talking to camera. These all incidents are giving expectations that might be they will settle their dispute there but last episode spill the milk over all these expectations.

We are hoping that they both will understand and get back on track without exploiting the name of punjabi industry.