In the world full of fast and party songs, one contrary song is released named ‘Roti’ and we can say ‘What a meaningful song it is’. Yes! this song ‘Roti’ which is sung by Karamjit Anmol is such a significant song. 

Talking about the song, this song is penned by ‘Kuldeep Kandiara’ and lyrics are depicting us the truth of society. This song is totally based on what people do for ‘Roti’ and how a single roti can has a power to change the life of someone. How little boys come out of their homes in order to earn living and food. Furthermore, this illustrates us the separation of mother from her sons who parted themselves in order to earn bread in abroad. This song is the perfect example of reality of the society. 

Moreover, this kind of song is rare to find in punjabi music industry and these kind of songs are really the need of industry. We really appreciate Karamjit Anmol for giving us such a masterpiece.