Gurpreet Maan’s song ‘Tere Naal Viahi’ has been released and it is yet another perky dance number. The video of the song tells of a story that has been retold a number of times in the Punjabi songs- the story of a drunk man not listening to his wife and the wife showing unconditional love for her husband.

It is surprising how such a concept can be made into a bhangra song! Well, this song promises to be played on the Dj floors for some time for it indeed has the bhangra grooves to it.

The lyrics to the song have been penned down by Bal Butale Wala and music has been composed by Jatinder Shah. A dance song with the touch of traditional vibes to it, Jatinder Shah has given to us what he is best at, combining of pop and traditional.

Prior to this, Gurpreet Maan gained appreciation for his song ‘Janjhan’ from the movie ‘Lahoriye’.