Gurnam Bhullar has created his fan base with his highest trending song ‘Diamond’ and after that he didn’t look back. Even his acting got appreciated by audience in the movie ‘Guddiyan Patole’ and he signed various movies like Vilaiti Yantar and Surkhi Bindi. Earlier, it was the update that Sonam Bajwa will be in the lead for Surakhi Bindi and after that Simi Chahal but this movie got finalise with Sargun Mehta but Gurnam Bhullar showed his preference for Simi Chahal but why? We have that answer. 

Recently, we had our episode of ’Shot With Stars’ with Qismat film director Jagdeep Singh Sidhu and in which he answered various questions honestly. In this show we usually ask questions from stars and they have to answer them honestly and if they don’t want to answer any question or they cannot answer the question so they have to take the shot of ‘Neem’ and ‘Karela’. We asked him numerous questions like whom he will choose between Ammy and Sargun, with whom he want to go on date? And many more questions. He answered them all faithfully and he called Permish Verma an overrated artist and had a shocking news for Gurnam Bhullar.

He called Gurnam and said that Sargun has denied her commitment of Surkhi Bindi because she is busy in shooting her other movie with Binnu Dhillon and she cannot cope up with the dates of Surkhi Bindi. After that, Gurnam got panicked and requested Jagdeep Sidhu to ask Sonam Bajwa for the same. Due to the busy schedule of Sonam, she was also not up for the movie said by Jgdeep. Gurnam wanted to get this matter solve and finally asked for Simi Chahal but Jagdeep Sidhu finally mentioned that he was making April fool of him and he is in conversation with DAAH Films. If you like this prank so you can watch the whole episode of Shot with Star on our youtube channel.