You might have gone through a fight between your mind and heart but have you ever heard a song on this? No, right? But now our Gulaabi Queen Jasmine Sandlas has bought a song as she is back with her new track ‘BAGAVAT’ which is directed by her sister Roseleen Sandlas and music is given by Intense.

We all know that Jasmine is very straight forward and she carries a bubbly personality, who really don’t care about the society as she always got renowned for her lyrics and style. But if we peep into her snapchat stories from past few months which were about Garry Sandhu and in those she have mentioned Garry by saying words for him like ‘ Garry Sandhu is f***king annoying and he irritates me on daily basis’, it literally proved that she was upset with him and she showed her disappointment in front of whole public through her stories. We got to know about the fact that these two Love Birds got separated because of certain circumstances. 

Jasmine Sandlas dedicated this song to the people who usually been in love, then heartbroken and then again fall in love. Is she telling her story? Is this song is solely dedicated to Garry Sandhu? Deep Thoughts because the lyrics of this song truly match the scenario of Garry Sandhu & Jasmine Sandlas love life. She said in one line that ‘Mere pyar ki kadar tune na ki’, is this line true? We cannot answer this, right? We don’t know the truth because we don’t know ’Kisne kiski kadar nahi ki’. Now we can only wait for the reaction of Garry Sandhu, maybe he would come back with the answer of this song.

Apart from this, if we talk about the technical parts of this song then yes, this song excels in the term of lyrics and music but the video of this song could have been more better because connection between song and the video is somehow missing. We hope that this song would get as much love as her past songs got.