Guddiyan Patole movie is witnessed in the theatres on 8th March which is celebrated as International Women’s Day and this punjabi movie also talks about the women. This movie is presented by Villagers Film Studio which is written by Jagdeep Sidhu and directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and in the leads there are Sonam Bajwa & Nirmal Rishi along with Gurnam Bhullar and Tania. Also there are many other Pollywood stars like Rupinder Ruppi, Gurmeet Sajjan, Sukhi Chahal and many more. 

This movie mainly focuses on the importance of relationships, women, family love and the main element of the movie is Grand Mother and grand daughter’s love. It is rightly said that we people and specially young generation in abroad is literally forgetting about the importance of relationships and this film portrayed this scanario very beautifully as Sonam Bajwa & Tania are ‘Vilaayati Guddiyan’ and came to Punjab and after that they slowly dissolve themselves in their family and got to know about the importance of family love and relations. 

The story of this movie revolves around two NRI girls who came from Canada to Punjab just to meet their relatives and later on with time they both get mixed up with them. With that attachment they both realise the importance of relationships. Coming towards acting, Sonam Bajwa has nailed her role really well and she made justice to it as she has presented her looks well with amazing way of Body Language & Dialogue Delivery.  On other hand, Debutant Gurnam Bhullar have done his part well with his sweetness. Qismat famed Tania is somewhere on the back foot, do she have much Screen Space but still her character is not very impressive.

Story is written and also it is presented very good through the Direction, Dialogues, Art Direction and other technical aspects thats why any little mistake could be ignored. Gurnam has done well but he is somehow related to his personal character so may be he has to work hard when it comes to acting.

DAAH Films is giving 3.5 Stars out of 5