Gandhi is not just a name but a thought and belief to fight against the violence. But the movie is far away from this belief because adding a scene of drugs and in rest all moving taking the revenge doesn’t make you Gandhi.

In punjabi Cinema, Rupinder Gandhi and Dev Khraoud are famed with this title and the try of Aarya Babbar to snatch this title is just a waste because the released movie Gandhi Fer aa gya is a flop as no one is there in the theater to watch the first episode of this movie but we went just to give you reviews and idea about the movie.

Through this movie, Aarya Babbar is doing his comeback along with Sakhiyan famed Neha Malik, she is also doing her debut with this movie. They both just give their best to drop the film to ground and the director of the movie Kinder Singh of ‘Singh is King’ helped them to dig the graveyard.

The story of the movie started with Aarya Babbar who went to jail for doing 5 murders and when we came out from jail is the only point where they justified the title as he is back from the jail. Rest when he came out of the jail he becomes the Sarpanch and the MLA who’s son was murdered by Aarya Babbar wants to take the revenge from him and from there the whole drama started. Then came the favourite scene where they end the movie is when Gandhi went to jail and they ended the movie with a notice that Gandhi will Return. It means it will continue and they will come back with next part but sorry we don’t want, please keep him in Jail and don’t come back.

Further talking about acting, Aarya Babbar has made an comeback from this movie and needed a solid introduction but that doesn’t mean to scream not speak your dialogues. Moreover, the acting of Neha Malik is poor . She is looking nice on screen but her expressions, body language and dialogue delivery needs improvement and she needs to work on them as she has the potential. Besides this, Punjab has many girls who are beautiful and talented they can perform way better than Sonakshi. Even we really don’t know why Veer Sahu is taken in the movie.

Talking about technical part, from the begining of the movie dubbing issues started. Even the introduction scene of Aarya Babbar is poor in direction as well as in editing. Editor must need to know that where to cut the scenes. Even at some points it looks like the editing is done like it’s a wedding film not a movie.

Moreover, the dialogue delivery of Aarya Babbar is like of 90’s and then editing on this is another addition to slow this movie. Further at what point the romance of Sonakshi and Aarya started we have no clue and on the other side Neha Malik fall in love just by shaking hand and no glimpse of romance was seen.

We really don’t want to disclose the story but love to discuss this scene where villian killed the Neha Malik and Aarya hugged her then all of sudden Neha hugged him back with her hand. Can you believe this movie is horror also!

Basically the director of the movie is an action director that’s why the fighting scenes and blood shedding is much. We know that it is not real and is artifical blood but producer’s money must be taken in consideration. Why to waste? This Movie has bad direction, bad cinematography, bad actions and bad editing.

DAAH Films gives 1/2 (half) star.