From Selfie with Ammy to working with Ammy! Watch Harjeeta’s Sameep Singh Exclusive interview


All of us are desirely waiting for ‘Harjeeta’ and the movie is in the headlines since the day we heard about it! The film is not just about the hockey Player Harjeet Singh Tuli, but, the movie is also about how drastically filmstars and artists change themselves for their character.

Everybody is aware of the fact that the character of Harjeet Singh Tulli is played by Ammy Virk. But, do you know? There is another artist playing the role of Harjeet Singh Tuli. Yes! He is Sameep Singh.

Sameep Singh is a kid from Chandigarh, the city beautiful who is a die hard hockey fan and he just played hockey in the stadium until he got to know that ‘he-is-in-the-movie!!!’

Let’s hear what Sameep shares about his experience from taking a selfie with Ammy to working with Ammy! He, as well as his family is proud of him.