Another friday is here and so is the another punjabi film and that too of our pollywood action hero ‘Dev Kharaud’. Yes! DSP Dev is released and we are here with the movie review of the film.

Talking about the storyline, Father of Dev is a well reputable DSP of Punjab police and he wanted to make Dev the same but how Dev got the designation of DSP and how he has faced every situation in that path is the story of the film. We will not only see a young angry Dev but we will also see romantic and comic Dev in the film too. While talking about the acting, one name which we firstly want to mention is ‘Manav Vij’ as he has made everyone his fan by his acting skills because the way he has delivered his dialogues and the way he has given expressions is just commendable. On the other hand, our cop Dev has also nailed his role and the role suited him well. Mehreen has justified her character well but there was one more character which was also upto the mark was the character of Dev’s mother ‘Nita Mohindra’ as she was perfectly describing the pain of a mother in very decent manner. 

Coming to the positive point, one more action film has added to the punjabi cinema and story of the film is also good with strong and powerful message. First half of the film is somehow dragged and it really looks long and all the aspects are in the second half only as all the actions and entertainment is in that half only. Furthermore, all songs of the film are entertaining.

While coming to the technical level, this film has some errors as editing of the film has not done properly maybe that’s why film seemed slow and dragged. Apart from this, film has got some smalls mistakes too like in one scene voice of ambulance’s siren comes even before the light of siren. There were some more scenes like this only. Moreover, there was a character named Bhana who keep on looking for her sister who was kidnapped by Rana but in the middle of the film he found out that his sister is in custody of Rana. How he got to know about his sister is still mystery. 

Overall, For specially the acting of Manav Vij & Dev Kharaud, DAAH Films is giving 3 stars to DSP Dev.