Sufna, a new punjabi movie is in talks these days because of so many reasons namely StarCast, Director, Concept , Songs and many more. Even the title in itself is what everyone loves to see ‘Dreams’ that’s why we think everyone must love to see ‘Sufna’.

The StarCast of the movie includes Ammy Virk, Tania, Jagjeet Sandhu and Jasmin Bajwa. They all have served the industry with their own signatures and created their separate places in the hearts of their audiences. Ammy Virk is known for his natural acting, Tania has earned this lead in this movie by learning work in 5 movies as supporting characters to eminent stars, Jagjeet is a theater artist and Jasmin Bajwa is also an theater artist.

Talking about the Director or Dactar, Yes! I am talking about Jagdeep Sidhu better known as the Dactar of punjabi movies. He has done Splendid work in all the movies he had worked in either it’s his fame movie Qismat or Surkhi Bindi. Even he is the writer of this movie and do magic with his pen as every story penned by him is like a living story that has a soul in it. Similarly it is in saying that Sufna is an another epic movie of him that he has penned and giving direction to.

Moving to the concept of Sufna with every released content we can see the versatality as every content is giving a different message like first released song ‘Qubool A’ is giving wings to new singer and empowered the women of punjabi industry as the song has female lead in centre. Further, second song ‘Jaan Deyan Ge’ touched the sensitive point of religion and partition, associated majburiyaan of people that time. Even every poster release that they presented is unique in their way like first poster they presents has an army man with a girl then their next poster is with an exceptionally different angle of camera captured. Moreover, most importantly the story that we can analyse is a love story of a Sikh and Muslim girl that also a very sensitive issue that one can raise because society is not much open to such issues.

Music called as the beats of an movie and to such beats the control is given to the heart and soul of music in our punjabi industry Jaani and B Praak. They are renowned for their music not in Punjab only but across the country because now everyone wants to work with them. Now two ultimate writers one Jagdeep to Story and Jaani to music must shroud the live in an epic manner that will touch the souls and will give beats to shiver it with the words.

This Valentine Day must witness the love in theaters and will give each heart another reason to do love and live it thoroughly. In addition to this they all are the team of Qismat movie as Jagdeep, Jaani, B Praak, Ammy and Tania all worked together in that movie and it is counted as one of the best movies of Indian Cinema. Now they all again collaborated, what we to witness is that how their Sufna will make in Qismat by touching the hearts of people on this Valentine Day.