What’s really important for singers? their voice and throat but if we talk in general then what’s most important in anyone’s life? Parents! we have to say. There is one singer who has put their parents name on his throat and here we are talking about ‘Garry Sandhu’. 

He is one of the hit singer of our punjabi music industry as he always get limelight due to various reasons like his songs, his relationship or his funny stories but now he has gained everyone’s attention through his tattoo. He inked the name of his mom and dad on his throat as on one side he has inked ‘Sohan Singh’ while on the other side ‘Avtar Kaur’. This shows importance of his parents in his life as he could choose some other place for tattoos but he chose throat because this body part is one of the most important body part for any singer, it is the throat from where voice come and Garry is famous for his voice. Maybe he wants to remember his parents every time he sings and that could be the reason for his tattoo.

Furthermore, people are getting crazy over his tattoo and his fans are blessing him for the same. His mother must be really happy and we hope that his father would also be happy wherever he is. We wish this singer all the very best for his further projects and life.