Relationships are very impotant for everyone in life. The most beautiful relation is when you going to share your whole life with someone. A film which will share the same concept is announced and the title of the film is ‘Mera Vyah Kara Do’.

Mandy Takhar and Dilpreet Dhillon will play lead roles in film. Dilpreet was last seen in ‘Jaddi Sardar’ and Mandy was seen in ‘Saak’. Interesting part is both movies had shared the same date of release now both stars are going to share screen very first time together.  

Apart from this, Bollywood Producers Raju Chadha, Rahul Mitra and Vibha Dutta Khaolsa are coming together to produce this movie. Under their monitory support vision of Sunil Khosla will direct the movie who had earlier worked on movies namely Moksh(hindi). 

The movie will have romance with comedy and it will enterily based on the concept of wedding. Now how under the vision of Hindi film industry producer and director the new pair of punjabi industry will serve the old concept of wedding in new and different way.