Diljit Dosanjh is the heartthrob of so many girls but it will come as a shock to them to know that it is possible Diljit has found the love of his love and is dating someone. And his lady love is neither a Punjabi actress or a model but that girl from the film October, which though not commercial, but was a critical success. That girl’s name is Banita Sandhu who is a UK born Punjabi with Indian roots.

Both the actors have been since a few days sharing their pictures and stories wherein they are standing close to each other and posing like couples who are so passionately in love with each other. They are both so busy taking each other’s pictures and sharing them with the world as well. Something is definitely brewing up, we are sure of that, but what it is, is still a mystery!

Diljit’s fans are now of two categories- one who do not like and appreciate this pair, and the other, who are in full support for both of them being together. Those who are not supportive are also jealous! That is not a surprise though because, well, we know, Diljit is the favorite of so many girls out there.

There are also chances Banita might be seen in Diljit’s upcoming song ‘Putt Jatt Da’ which has been in making since quite a long time now. Diljit has been posting on his social media since so long that this particular song is a sad one but contrary to his captions, his pictures and videos do not justify it being a sad song. He is surely keeping his fans confused regarding both his work and personal life.

Until more revelations are made by Diljit and Banita, everyone will stay in this unsolved mystery.