Punjabi Music Industry is working really hard and punjabi music is being loved my the people worldwide. From the punjabi music companies, Desi Crew Music has always bought something new and interesting for the public and now they are all set to entertain us with new surprises. They have updated through their social media that Jassie Gill is going to collaborate with them along Karan Aujla. 

They shared a picture from the studio in which Jassie Gill is standing with them and in the caption they wrote some lines of a song and have tagged Karan Aujla and Jassie Gill. The caption is giving the idea that this track is going to be a sad romantic one which will touch the hearts of audience. This collaboration is outstanding and we hope they will share more details soon. This is a new song in the list of Jassie and along this he is all set to be seen in upcoming movie ‘High End Yaariyaan’.

Peeping more into their social media posts, they have shared a video with Tarsem Singh Jassar and Kulbir Jhinjer in which they are seen doing clapping. Ohh!! Yes this clapping is for the song of movie ‘Rabb Da Radio 2’.  They are dubbing taadia for a song, this is quiet amazing because today all the music composers use computerised tunes but Desi Crew is dubbing for the sound of clapping also. This is something good and real as the music should be realistic which has to touch the souls of audience. 

Desi Crew is all set to entertain us with two amazing track from which one is collaboration with Jassie Gill & Karan Aujla which might be titled ‘Aukaat’ as we could guess it from the caption and other is a song from movie ’Rabb Da Radio 2’ in which we have Tarsem Jassar and Kulkbir Jhinjer. These both tracks sound different as they are connected to the roots and the roots always touch the vibrant souls. Now wait is to know more about these tracks and excitement is on the peak to listen to them.