T-Series and Humble Motion Picture allign to rob the pockets of the audience through their new released movie ‘Daaka’and that would be possible only when there movie is full of entertainment. Now it is or not is explained in this review.

Gippy Grewal and Rana Ranbir are seen in main lead along with them Zareen Khan, Hobby Dhaliwal, Mukul Dev, prince Kamaljit and Rana Jang Bahadur are also seen as StarCast and to them direction is given by Baljit Singh Deo.

Talking about the storyline of the movie, Gippy and Rana Ranbir belongs to economicaly weak family and for their reasons they decided to rob a bank. Now what will happen, will they succeed or not is the storyline of the ‘Daaka’.

Further, Gippy’s performaned well his character ‘Shinda’ but it seems repititive like his other characters though his looks are really attractive and different.Furthermore, Zareen’s character ‘Laali’ is not impressive it would be better if they cast any other actress for laali’s Character. Moreover, Rana Ranbir and Prince Kamaljit roles ae different and better that adds a different identity to their acting.

Talking about the positive points, the story of the movie is different from what is regularly served by Punjabi cinema. Even scenes where Gippy is running on the boundaries of roof are impactful that raises the level of pollywood somewhere ,also Scene of robbery is full of comedy.

Gippy Grewal is a writer, actor, singer and producer who loves to experiment where some times he succeed sometimes he got failed but still he tries. Similarly this movies has some weak points with good ones like the first half of the movie is bit long as Daaka is supposed to happen then time duration taken to rob can be decreased. After first half movie holds the pace and get successful in mainting suspense but if you have witnessed the trailer properly then all things will be crystal clear.

Moreover, in three songs of movie they have taken the same shots where makers tried to be smart but get caught which is not good for them. Adding to this, a shot of Zareen’s close up where she is happy is this much repetitive that they have used it even in a sad song ‘Koi aaye na Rabba’ (like c’mon). Screenplay would be written more smartly so that it would be more crispy but at places Naresh Kathuria’s dialogues entertained well. Baljit Singh Deo’s cinemategraphy and direction is impressive.

Overall, it is a good film for the fans of Gippy Grewal but for not his fans it is fine to watch as it is worth the ticket.

DAAH Films gives 3 Stars to Daaka.