DAAH Films Movie Review: Harjeeta has come up with his own chronicles!


The movie Harjeeta which was one of the most awaited movie of this year has finally released today. The movie is based on the remarkable true story of Harjeet Singh, an Indian professional hockey player, who captained the Indian squad at the 2016 Men’s Hockey Junior World Cup. Read to know more…

Harjeeta (Movie Review)

Genre: Biopic

Director: The movie is directed by Vijay Kumar Arora

Cast:  Ammy Virk, Sawan Rupowali, Pankaj Tripathi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Sameep Singh seen in pivotal roles.

Producer: Nick Bahl, Munish Sahni, Bhagwant Virk

Written By: The movie is written and scripted by Jagdeep Sidhu. Dialogues are also by Sidhu.

Plot: The movie Harjeeta is not just a movie, it is a journey of an underdog, Harjeet singh Tuli. The story is about a small boy who is struggling with the biggest problem of our nation, i.e. poverty.

The movie starts with a small village kid, who have little desires in his heart, and as he grows, his small desires help him to succeed small but ambitious wanting of life. A kid, who has nothing but passion in his eyes. His journey from acquiring a elastic pant to money to Government job, Harjeeta has come up with his own chronicles.

How he comes from a humble background, from being dumped by his love interest, just because he didn’t have a cup at home to serve her tea, to winning the cup for India. THE WORLD CUP! The Indian Hockey team that year went unbeaten throughout the tournament, eventually winning the Gold medal after 15 years and giving birth to a true sports legend. Harjeet Singh Tuli has justified to come up as a real hero and a real lover, but who is his actual love affair, you will get to know after watching the movie.

Acting: Ammy Virk has done a tremendous job and justice to the character of Harjeet Singh Tuli. His body language and the outlook says it all. Virk had been working very hard to fit into the character of a teenager player, for which he had to do a lot of variations in his body as well as looks.

Being a newcomer, the actress Sawan Rupowali doesn’t let us feel that she is a newcomer. Her role, whatever she has got is played well. Whereas, Sameep Singh, who is playing the role of Harjeet Singh as a kid is full on energy. His love for acting and hockey can be seen on screen. Sameep looks fresh, innocent yet enchanting in his role. Talking about Gurpreet Bhangu, she has also justified her role of a mother from a ‘Pind’. Her chitchat and small cute fights with Harjeeta is satisfying and touchy.

Technical aspects: Editing, screenplay and cinematography for the movie seems to be adjacent with the movie. Technical matches shown in the movie could have been better in terms of duration and editing.

Negative Cults: The movie shows well about Harjeeta’s struggle as a person but misses showing Harjeeta’s struggle as a player. His hardwork and practice for improving his hockey could have been more connecting to the audience for the better residue.

Moreover, if we compare Harjeeta with other sports film made in Bollywood then the hockey matches could have been much more explained, exaggerated and well shot.

Critical Rating: 3.5/5

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