Everyone wants to be famous for something good but this time the story goes bit different. Well-said hindi saying seems proving, in Bollywood flicks we heard ‘Jo badnaam hota hai, usi ka to naam hota hai’.

Something like this is happening with Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaz Gill. Putting some light on the matter Shehnaz Kaur Gill said about Himanshi Khurana’s new song that it is flop and many absurd things regarding this issue on her snapchat. After this all Himanshi came live and warned. Now the live live game is stopped, something new and different has come in light. Himanshi Came up with her new song ‘Agg’ by which she is directly hitting Shehnaz and later on Shehnaz came up with her song ‘Aunty Aunty’ and raised all bars against Himanshi. Here one more thing to be noticed is that although part of anger or something else but Himanshi came up with her third song on her own youtube channel whereas Shehnaz Kaur Gill has done her debut in singing with her song.

This controversy is really giving fame to the duo. When this all started no one might have thought that this issue get worsen like this and now this publicity has started giving fame. Recently, from our sources we got to know that Shehnaz Kaur Gill has been offered three Punjabi movies as a lead. Well what else this controversy will show we can’t predict but yes, for sure something different is coming our way daily.