It is said that whether you stay in India or any other country but you cannot distant yourself from your mother tongue. Similarly, there is an Indian born American singer who has released his another punjabi song ‘Closer’ with collaboration of none other than ‘Dilpreet Dhillon’. 

Talking about this young singer, he’s quite famous for his punjabi songs as well as English songs. He has a different touch even in his punjabi songs too, as he always use some English or Hollywood flavour in order to make his song different. In fact, videos of his songs are usually with unique taste and content too. Similarly, his this song too ‘Closer’ is also a different one in which he has added tadka of English and Dilpreet Dhillon act as a icing on cake. Yes! Collaboration of both Dilpreet and Micky has ended up with something good and different for viewers. 

Furthermore, we haven’t seen Dilpreet in this kind of form before and we can say that Micky has left his impact on Dilpreet’s appearance too because he’s looking differently stylish. Moreover, this song is good to listen and this collaboration is also impressive. We hope that these talented people would give us more such songs in future because audience needs something different in their life.