Number of ? we know you all might be thinking of movies but here we are going to share with you about number of videos with their releasing month from the ace director ‘Arvindr khaira’.

Couple of days back Arvind khaira informed us through his social handle about his upcoming songs. The videos will be of Sunanda Sharma, Jassi Gill, B Praak and Desi Melodies 3rd Song. The poster of Sunanda Sharma’s song ‘Sandal’ was released although the song will come on 22ndFebruary 2019 but in this song once again we will witness trio of Jaani, Sukh-E-Muzical Doctorz and Arvindr Khaira. Lastly, the trio gave us hit like COKA, which got many appreciations and the song was almost played at every place. In fact, we have seen everyone tapping their feets on that song along with various stars of pollywood. Now, the trio is coming again with Sunanda Sharma’s song ‘Sandal’ and this song will surely be a treasure for their viewers.

Apart from this, recently Arvindr khaira posted on his instagram that in the month of March, we would view fresh releases from Jassi Gill and B Praak. Now all keen to know that, will we again see the combination of trio? We guess, trios are maybe lucky for this ace director. Only thing we need to guess is, will it be a sad or romantic song or a dance number?

Lastly, all eyes will speculate that when Desi Melodies next track will come? How this time, thing would be done?  Will we see the trio again?  Will the next song be different than the earlier? But yet it will be too early to answer this but yes if the trio will come again what magic will they spread? Their collaboration in Sunanda Sharma ‘Sandal’ with our patake queen will be delight for all to watch.