Yes!! Dev Kharoud is back with his actions through a new punjabi movie ‘Blackia’ which is released and this movie is full package of cinema. Ohri Productions presented this movie is directed by Sukhminder Dhanjal and in the leads there are Dev Kharoud along Ihana Dhillon. With them Ashish Duggal, Arsh Hundal, Rana Jung Bahadur and Lucky Dhaliwal are seen in the film. This movie has presented a story of a boy who from his childhood is attached to the world of smuggling and by growing he get into all those things because being surrounded with bad environment, one cannot be apart from it. It is really hard and difficult because surviving in those conditions is not very easy. How that boy walks on the path of becoming Blackia and what that way gives him or takes back from him, is about about the story of this movie.  

Talking about the acting of artists, Dev Kharoud has done a great job by expressing himself through actions and we can call him by a new name which is ‘Angry Young Man’ of Pollywood. Other side, Ihana Dhillon is killing with her looks and with bubbliness of her character. All the other cast have played their parts well which has also taken the story forward. Positive aspects of the film are that level of actions in punjabi cinema is actually raised. The way south action movie director ‘K Ganesh’ have designed the actions, sameway ‘Dev Kharoud’ has performed them which is impressive. Good content of this film has also presented in a perfect way which is delivering the audience a great social message. Overall movie teaches us many things and from now expectations from Dev Kharoud has more increased as he is improving in terms of everything day by day.

Technically movie is strong and direction is done really well which has bind the elements of film properly. Sukhwinder Dhanjal have done great in direction by which the presentation of a meaningful story is touching hearts. What the team of this film has promised to deliver, they have fulfilled it all and from them one major point is showing the era of 70’s. They have shown it perfectly through hairstyles, dresses, vehicles and environment. 

DAAH Films is giving 4/5 stars to ‘Blackia’