Recently we all got a big shock when we heard of ‘Binnu Dhillon’ got injured during shoot in Birmingham. This time Dhillon is again in news nah nah! Not for anything unwelcome but for feasting his fans.

Yeah this is equally true what we cited on his insta account. He is singing boot polishan by ‘Gurdaas Maan’ and making dal. This Veteran actor also mentioned ‘Get ready guys …Dal is ready for everyone’ cool right? Many a times our actors have proved their multitasking and this time Binnu did this. Producer, actor ‘Binnu Dhillon’ is one of the best comedian of Punjabi industry but his this act also proves him to be the one with big heart. Yes, after injury and hospitalization he didn’t sat for rest rather he decided to chill his fans by dining them, how nice of him.

Binnu has set a benchmark with his performances; he is also well known face of comic world people follow him with craze. Talking of his movies this year he had given great projects with good commercial success. According to our sources in coming year also he will deliver many super projects to his fans. To name few of his coming movies ‘Kala Shah Kala’ which is expected to be released in March 2019, his next project is ‘Band Vaaje’ and then his third movie is ‘Naukar Vahuti Da’. We wish him lots of luck for coming year. Undoubtedly, apart from his comedy

he once again succeeded to win hearts with his deed after injury also.