Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Hayre omjee studios presents “Bhajjo Veero Ve” and here we ride for Trailer review of the same.

As always Rhythm Boyz Entertainment bring something new and fresh subject in their stories this time also they did the same. Although the story of this movie is based on marriage, but story of those four who are not getting married due to varied reasons but are still enjoying the feelings with each other. Movie proceeds ahead and out four bachelors one of them “Amberdeep Singh” finds a girl in marriage “Simi Chahal”. She fall in love with the innocence of Amberdeep Singh, they planned to get married but Alas! Here only it stops. Sorry sorry sorry, yes we are talking about this scene although, here the scene seems bit lengthy for trailer but here only the actual twist comes because from here Amberdeep Singh starts searching his family. He has to find them to impress Simi’s family but his maternal family is not easy to handle. “Gugu Gill” who is playing Amber’s uncle enters the screen from whom log darr de ne because of his terror. But what’s this they have another issue? They wanted to kill someone and are searching them. As far as we think these four bachelors are the guys they want to kill. The film will be love to watch, to see what exactly happen with these guys and what and how marriage happens?

“Bhajjo Veero ve” highlight blend of comedy, emotions and drama and moreover it spreads the aura of 90s. This era is very well shown in trailer. Few aspects which highlights the feeling of 90s are very well shown in trailer as the trend of horses is seen in trailer yes, traces of horse riding is now also seen but after a long we will see the same dominating and dashing look of Gugu Gill.
Now if we talk for Amberdeep Singh then he is looking much better in acting after film Laung laachi may be one of the special reasons is that he himself is the storywriter and director of the movie so he could involve himself in a better way. Although, Simi chahal was less seen in trailer but wherever she was sighted she impressed audience with her attractive looks. Trailer is presented in a good way but now all expectation will rely on movie, which is releasing on 14th December 2018.