Many times we are fascinated with shining stars but how they got that shine? To achieve this what all they did, their tough times their struggle remains untold. Rupinder Gandhi 2 famed ‘Saanvi Dhiman’ has also came up in flying colors. As it is well said, “Every cloud has a silver lining” Saanvi worked really hard to live that stardom.

Saanvi is known in Pollywood for her good work but her responsibility started not from her professional life but from her personal life as well. She did every task with full dedication but her life was not bed of roses from the very beginning, she has struggled a lot as she lost her father when she was in 10th class and there after she bear her most of the expenses by herself and in fact she helped her family financially as she did the work of photostat, while her mother stitches the clothes for living. We couldn’t even imagine the tough time she faced.

After that, she has done various telecommunication jobs and finally shifted to Chandigarh while working. From the very beginning, she had keen interest in modelling and acting but the biggest challenge for her was her weight of 75kg. As said “No pains, No gains” she also worked day and night on herself and reduced her weight and as a result she tried in ramp walk and song videos and she had done every single thing to achieve her goal. She completed every dream of her mom as her mom wanted her to be self dependent and her mom has always been her inspiration and most closest person to her. In fact, she inked herself with the tattoo of ‘Barbie of Mom’ which simply show us her love towards her mother.

Saanvi finally stepped in Punjabi industry in the age of 22 and did her first music video ‘Majboori’, sung by ‘Master Salim’ and after this video we can say that her hard work paid off and she did more Punjabi videos like ‘Hanju’ of singer Akay. She literally proved her skill but this was just a start, gave many interviews for the films but Alas! She got rejected first and then she moved to Mumbai in 2014. Luckily, Saanvi got her first break through a hindi movie ‘Mmirsa’ which was 2016 release and after that she gave the auditions for “Rupinder Gandhi 2” and in that again she got rejected first but after some time the director of the movie ‘Avtar Singh’ chose her for the movie. This movie was a turning point for her. Although there small role in the movie but her acting got appreciated by the viewers. She didn’t leave any stone unturned to achieve her goals even after such rough phases of life.

Where there is a will there’s a way, Saanvi proved this very well today she is living her dream. We will be seeing her in upcoming movie ‘Gidhar Singhi’ directed by Vipin Parashar, in which she is playing the role of inspector with the other stars like Ravinder Grewal and Jordan Sandhu. So folks if you have passion for something then no one can stop you from achieving that so just go & get it.