Shah An Shah produced ‘Band Vaaje’ released today and ace director ‘Smeep Kang’ directed the movie. In this movie ‘Binnu Dhillon, and ‘Mandy Takhar’ are in lead and other supporting star cast are ‘Nirmal Rishi’, ‘Gurpreet Ghuggi’, ‘Jaswinder Bhalla’, ‘Mannat Singh’ and many others.

The plot of the film is that Binnu’s family lives in U.K still they want pure Punjaban girl for their boy, but Binnu falls in love with Pakistani girl Mandy. Now how he agreed his family, what all he does this the story all about. Talking of acting there was no lag in his acting watching him in ‘Band Vaaje’ but we can do say that after watching his out of the box looks, acting and expressions in ‘kala Shah Kala’ but now bars of expectations of audience has gone much higher. ‘Mandy Takhar’ got very less screen space in the movie maybe this could be the reason that we couldn’t find much on her acting part. Director ‘Smeep Kang’ also seen playing a character but he too couldn’t impart much. Other characters like ‘Nirmal Rishi’, ‘Jaswinder Bhalla’ and ‘Gurpreet Ghuggi’ all did great job on their part.

Although, there were some over loud scenes, but in all this audience will get humor. We could see same accent of ‘Gurpreet Ghuggi’, which was much loved in “Munde UK De”. Watching ‘Jaswinder Bhalla’ was not less than a treat. Soothing combination of trio Binnu, Gurpreet and Jaswinder with amazing dialogues surely entertains. Sad but true that few elements are not properly established, which should be much cleared because story revolves around Binnu and Mandy’s love and families but their love angle is not properly established. On the other hand, few comic scenes were copy of Bollywood flicks. Even talking of climax then there was sudden wind up. Acceptance of Pakistani girl was not elaborated. Few other things did disturbed because ‘Smeep Kang’ is tremendous director; he has delivered many hits to Punjabi industry so such errors are not accepted and people do expect from him bit more. DAAH FILMS give ‘Band Vaaje’ two stars.