The movie Ashke which was a big suspense for the fans of Amrinder Gill opened on 27th July,2018.

It is an experiment with no promotions & even the trailer of the movie released a day before.

The movie is directed by Amberdeep Singh

Cast: Amrinder Gill, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Jaswinder Bhalla, Roopi Gill, Sarabjit Cheema, Gurshabad in pivotal roles.

Producer: Karaj Gill, Talwinder Hayre & Munish Sahni.

Written By: Dheeraj Rattan

Plot: The movie Ashke is a story of Desi Jatt boy ‘Pamma’ whose character is played by Amrinder Gill. Pamma loves to do bhangra & the whole story revolves around how his life gets effected by the same.

Acting: Amrinder Gill has done justice to his character and on the other side Sanjeeda Sheikh who’s debut film is Ashke, is good with her acting skills and expression but she failed to impress us by her dialogue delivery. Roopi gill has to work more on her actings skills & expressions. Jaswinder Bhalla is amazing as always but he has given less screen space.

Technical aspects: Direction, Editing, screenplay and cinematography of the movie seems to be satisfied but movie could have been more better with the dubbing part of Sanjeeda Sheikh.

Negative Cuts: Story also shows some of the scenes of flashback are bit confusing. Swapping of the scenes is not proper & it is difficult to understand that they are talking about the present or the past. Jump cut was prompt.

Critical Rating: 3/5