It is usually said that the one with bitter words are actually good at heart. This is what is justified by the recently released punjabi movie ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ which is presented by White Hill Studios in association with TowChain Motion Pictures. 

Sonam Bajwa, Mehreen Pirzada, Upasana Singh, Navneet Nishan will be seen in ‘Ardab’ Character in the movie where Ajay Sarkaria, Ninja, B N Sharma and Inderpal Singh accompanied them. Also, along with them Sudesh Lehri, Rajeev Mehra, Chestha Bhagat and Myra Singh has played the eminent role in supporting them. To all these artist to deliver that ‘Ardabness’ direction is provided by Manav Shah. 

Talking about the story, it is way more then what we anticipated from trailer. It is not only the story of two couples but also of their families too where the ‘Ardabness’ of the ladies carried the film very well! 

Further talking about the acting of the artist then this film goes to Sonam Bajwa aka Babbu Bains as she nailed her character with her acting skills and how she grabbed that Amritsar accent is cherry on top of Ice cream.  Moreover other characters are also good at their acting except at some places like Ninja failed to sync with her expressions at some places. Also, Ajay Sarkaria can be seen as a artist in punjabi industry if he would work more on his confidence level but may be it is because of the pressure of first film as it is his debut movie. 

Furthermore, the family of Ajay Sarkaria in movie especially his brother and Sister-in-law has played a significant character that raises the standard of movie to another pageant. Despite of all this Mehreen Pirzada lip movements are not apt which is a dubbing issue that may be because she hasn’t done her dubbing properly our may be some other person has done it for her. 

Now calculating the positive points then again it’s Sonam Bajwa who not let you bore for a second and make it a entertainment movie. Dialogues of the movie is epic that is already explained through the trailer. In addition to this, movie is redefining the message of ‘Ardab’ which is if you do all the efforts and get firm then no one could steel your happiness. Along with this a comedy flavour that is served through movie summarise this movie perfectly. 

Moving to weak points then we can calculate them on hands as they are very less like it is a bit long movie, end can be more justified although it is nice but it is not matching the standard of the movie which is way more expected and last weak point is technical error that is not only about dubbing of Mehreen  but also technical glitch is seen in the end dialogues of Ajay Sarkaria. 

Now talking about technical aspect then there are two scenes where a ritual of newly wed happens with boy’s mother on the entry of door with water is beautiful that gives the example of best cinematography. Even Director Manav Shah has served with a good movie after ‘Sikander 2’, if we ignore some minor mistakes of Screenplay. 

Now Concluding the movie it has served with entertainment perfectly and meaning of Ardab is truly justified along with a small but beautiful message to families. 

Thus, DAAH Films give 4 Stars to ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐