Punjabi Music industry is growing day by day and giving us various surprises now a days, we have heard  various news this year about the punjabi singers giving music to Bollywood Industry; first Sunanda Sharma in Luka Chuppi then Karan Sehmbi in the same movie and now B-Praak in the upcoming movie Kesri of Akshay Kumar.

As Akshay Kumar is famous for raising serious issues of society through his movies and on the other hand he’s well known for his patriotic films and Kesri is also a patriotic movie. B Praak has given a song in this and he even shared on his official instagram account that ‘Bhot Maan wali gal mehsoos ho rahi hai ke pehla gaana jeda main gaya oh v apne desh lai’ and with this we can say that he’s really happy and glad to give his debut song in this movie. In fact he showed his gratitude to Akshay Kumar, Azeem Dayani & Karan Johar for making him part of this venture. 

Furthermore, we can say that our punjabi music industry is on the path of growth and development. Not only the punjabi tribe but the bollywood is also appreciating the hardwork of punjabi singers and we can only wait to listen this patriotic track of B-praak in the movie Kesri.