Punjabi industry is nowadays on that level where releasing dates are less than the punjabi movies that’s why various movies used to clash with each other. Similarly, two more movies are going to release on this Friday named ‘Munda Faridkotia’ starring Roshan Prince, Sharan Kaur & Navpreet Banga and ‘Jind Jaan’ starring Rajvir Jawanda & Sara Sharmaa.  

Talking about the movies, ‘Jind Jaan’ is said to be romantic film with numerous twist and turns as Sara Sharmaa is playing the role of rich spoiled girl who always depend upon money for everything and she tries to buy the skill of singing with money from Rajvir Jawanda but Rajvir is that artist to who thinks that skill and singing cannot be buy with money. Isn’t this true? Story line of this film looks interesting. In addition, this film has entertainers like Jaswinder Bhalla, Upasana Singh & Harby Sangha and now what we have to see is how this story will be portrayed on silver screens through a good direction. 

On the other hand, ‘Munda Faridkotia’ is a totally different concept as Roshan Prince is playing the role of Munda Faridkotia and somehow he reached to the Fraidkot of Pakistan and where he plays deaf and dumb while falling in love with Sharan Kaur. This movie is a love triangle between all the three stars Roshan, Sharan & Navpreet and what we have see is that how they will manage to deliver the content of India Pak & Romance in an entertaining way. Moreover, this film also has entertainers like Karamjit Anmol, Hobby Dhaliwal, BN Sharma, Sumit Gulati and many more.

Furthermore, if we compare both the films then we can say that Roshan Prince have given various films before whereas ‘Jind Jaan’ is Rajvir’s first film as a lead actor and female lead in both the movies are new. Let’s see which film will win the race of Box Office on this Friday. DAAH Films wishes all the really best for the team of both films.