Punjabi cinema is welcoming different concept with spreading it’s arms as there is one more movie is announced titled ‘Angrej Putt’ starring Arsh Chawla, Sumit Gulati, Yograj Singh and many more. This film has a very unique concept said by the lead actor Arsh. 

‘Story of the film revolves around a child who is born in the family of fair complexion people or foreigner family but that child is different from his/her siblings because of colour’ as mentioned in the press conference of poster launch of this film. Lead actor of this film Arsh Chawla said that ‘he is lucky to be the part of this film and completely trust the vision of the makers. He hope to make justice with this project through his ability and acting skills’. He has done various movies before like Nastik, Match of the life, Dhol Ratti and Bhagat Singh Di Udeek now let’s see how he’ll leave impact on the audience through his skills.

Furthermore, this film will be directed by ‘Shivamm Sharma’ and he has full faith in the script of ‘Angrej Putt’ as he said that this film is close to his heart and he will be taking care of every small details in this film. In addition, script of the film has took almost 4 years to get prepared because writer of this film ‘Rishi Malhi’ really wanted a promising script. Moreover, this film will be going to release in 2020 and what we have to see is how this film will give us something different and unique.