The second song titled ‘Kanugo’ from the upcoming film Afsar has been released and the song might clear your doubts as of Kanugo vadda ke Patwari!

The song is written by Gurbinder Maan, music is by Preet Hundal and the voice is given by none other than Karamjit Anmol who also has a pivotal role in the film. In his typical Punjabi voice, Karamjit Anmol does complete justice to this song.

Afsar is a presentation of Nadar Films and Vehli Janta Films and stars Nimrat Khaira and Tarsem Jassar in the main lead. A story revolving around a Kanugo who is expected to get demoted to the post of a Patwari in order to get married to Nimrat and also in order to gain the respect of his family and village people.

The song clearly tells about the habits of a Patwari who is used to taking bribe but Jinna loki kehnde ne, enni vi neet na maadi hai. A Patwari will always have a higher place fro the village people, what ever he might do. It is a fun-filled song with lyrics one will relate to.

Afsar is releasing on October 5, 2018.