Garry Sandhu & Jasmine Sandlas are together again through social media. Yes!! You heard it right as we said through social media, it is correct because they were already together but through social media they are back again. Their fans love to watch them together as they both are always interesting through their stories. Garry & Jasmine are witnessed talking to each other very freely and people loved that style.

There were rumours that they are separated because they both stopped sharing stories and coming live. And also one side Jasmine sung a song ‘Bagawat’ and other side Garry was saying ‘Alert Kudey’ by his track. These things given hints that they both are not together any more. But let us tell you that these all rumours are broken now because they both have came across social media once again. Recently, in Atlanta they are witnessed together because their show is organised for fans. Garry was there at the Airport from last 3 hours and finally Jasmine found him, then they both starting sharing stories.

To their stories, Fans commented a lot as these things are told by Garry himself. One person said to Garry that ‘Ki Gal Sohre Ghare Chala‘ and one another said ‘Why you have made us fool‘. They both were never separated but why, when and how this rumour was out, we don’t know but good news is that they are together. Audience love to watch their chemistry and this pair is one of the favourite pairs of Punjabi Industry.