Punjabi singham “Parmish Verma” has nailed everyone with his new song “Sab Fade Jange”. His new outcome is giving a strong message in a very light way.

Parmish superhit track “Gaal Ni Kadni” which had more than 191 million views this new track seems inspired from above. Although he hasn’t taken any professional singing training but he has always given such tracks which are totally flavored with his own style. This time also he did the same. The signature step will drive people crazy. It looks like a perfect blend of desi style carried by verma in a modern way. The video is pictured in a light way that all bachelors are conducting married men’s part, Goldiee the guy who is playing role of father if we have a look on his makeup then it makes us laugh. As we all know that “Parmish verma” is also known for his super direction and he is directed this video but he purposely let it go in such a way to make video funnier. In the end of track verma is accepting the auto tuner thing, which is again very gutsy move but pictured in giggly way.

The song is mesmerized in voice of “Parmish Verma” and is presented by Speed Records and Sukhan Verma. “Sarba Maan” gives the lyrics and music is powered by “Desi Crew”. This track of verma is once again making people dance and also educating folks to avoid blunders.